Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Study Shows I Am SOL

Well I was looking at google trends today, and I saw an article for the luckiest cities in America. It peaked my interest , so I decided to read the article. I mean who wouldn't be interested, you could possibly be living in a luck goldmine, or at least within a close drive of one. You could not be playing the lottery right now, and have a great chance of winning because your town is so lucky. I didn't want to miss the chance of being told that I was in the luckiest town in the world, so I quickly clicked on the link to the top 100 luckiest cities in America. Here is the list.

1. San Diego, CA A+
2. Baltimore, MD A+
3. Phoenix, AZ A
4. Wilmington, DE A
5. Richmond, VA A-
6. San Francisco, CA A-
7. Las Vegas, NV A-
8. Philadelphia, PA A-
9. Louisville, KY A-
10. Reno, NV B+

11. San Jose, CA B+
12. New York, NY B+
13. Boise, ID B+
14. Baton Rouge, LA B+
15. Fort Worth, TX B+
16. Omaha, NE B+
17. Indianapolis, IN B
18. Fresno, CA B
19. Dallas, TX B
20. Lincoln, NE B

21. St. Louis, MO B
22. Cincinnati, OH B
23. Los Angeles, CA B
24. Santa Ana, CA B-
25. Portland, OR B-
26. Pittsburgh, PA B-
27. Tulsa, OK B-
28. Seattle, WA B-
29. Denver, CO B-
30. Fort Wayne, IN B-

31. Charlotte, NC B-
32. Milwaukee, WI C+
33. Houston, TX C+
34. Kansas City, MO C+
35. Wichita, KS C+
36. Chicago, IL C+
37. Toledo, OH C+
38. Greensboro, NC C+
39. Columbus, OH C+
40. Providence, RI C+

41. Riverside, CA C+
42. Bakersfield, CA C+
43. Oakland, CA C
44. El Paso, TX C
45. Minneapolis, MN C
46. Tucson, AZ C
47. Sacramento, CA C
48. Plano, TX C
49. Honolulu, HI C
50. Albuquerque, NM C

51. Virginia Beach, VA C
52. Washington, DC C
53. Manchester, NH C
54. Durham, NC C-
55. Norfolk, VA C-
56. Columbia, SC C-
57. Oklahoma City, OK C-
58. Cleveland, OH C-
59. Lexington, KY C-
60. New Orleans, LA C-

61. Winston-Salem, NC C-
62. Detroit, MI C-
63. Portland, ME C-
64. Laredo, TX C-
65. Chesapeake, VA C-
66. Cheyenne, WY C-
67. Jersey City, NJ C-
68. Lubbock, TX C-
69. Jacksonville, FL C-
70. Austin, TX C-

71. Madison, WI D+
72. Stockton, CA D+
73. Aurora, CO D+
74. Birmingham, AL D+
75. Raleigh, NC D+
76. San Antonio, TX D+
77. Atlanta, GA D+
78. Corpus Christi, TX D
79. Orlando, FL D
80. St. Paul, MN D

81. Buffalo, NY D
82. Boston, MA D
83. Salt Lake City, UT D
84. Colorado Springs, CO D
85. Des Moines, IA D
86. Newark, NJ D-
87. Burlington, VT D-
88. Little Rock, AR D-
89. Anchorage, AK D-
90. Nashville, TN D-
Least lucky

91. Fargo, ND F
92. Miami, FL F
93. Bridgeport, CT F
94. St. Petersburg, FL F
95. Billings, MT F
96. Sioux Falls, SD F
97. Memphis, TN F
98. Jackson, MS F
99. Tampa, FL F
100. Charleston, WV F

Turns out that I am SOL! And we all know what that means. I was born in Charleston WV, and I now live outside of Greensboro NC. That means I was born in a town that has no luck, and moved to a town that has less than desirable luck. So, I have decided to make a plan of action to minimize my unluckiness. Here is how it goes.

1. Don't play the lottery. There is no sense in losing money on 6 impossible numbers

2. Don't gamble. I never learned to play poker, so I am double screwed on that front

3. No shooting dice on the street corner with my boys. I saw it once on TV, it looked lucrative

4. Don't play Bones for money on your front stoop. I think that this was on the same TV show as #3

5. Don't play in the rain. Lightening strikes are a possibility for the unlucky

6. Don't cross the road where there are no cross walks. Getting hit by a car would suck

I am sure that there are more, but I can't really think of any right now. If you can think of other ways to minimize your unluckiness, please leave them in the comment section below.

By the way, here is the link to the article if you want to read it. Click Here